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The Dressage4Good Foundation was initiated by World Dressage Masters (WDM) together with several dressage stakeholders and dressage families.

WDM’s mission is to create a sustainable future for dressage by

Modernizing the sport together with its stakeholders
Improving the calender and schedules
Developing (new) stars
Using coherent branding
Professionalizing marketing
Working on further internationalization

Not an easy mission but we like to believe that over the last 7 years WDM has become synonymous for positive and open innovation.

To build an even stronger foundation under the future of dres­sage WDM started Dressage4Good that works on numerous not for profit projects like

Youth development

Dressage4Good supported by the Lundin family has helped to develop and stage the WDM NextGen competitions, that features the stars of tomorrow. Dressage4Good likes to think that the dressage community can benefit tremendously from the brainpower of this next generation.


Also Dressage4Good has supported the work of Dr. David Stickland on exploring the possibilities of quantitative analy­sis of dressage tests. Furthermore it has supported the initial release of an Equestrian Code of Conduct that was drafted by the International Society of Equitation Science to enhance the welfare of the horse (and rider).

Knowledge transfer

Dressage4Good has contributed to the symposium that was held during Pferd International in Munich named: ‘Knecht oder König”, about the future of dressage horses.


To stay a truly international and even Olympic sport the dres­sage community would need to support the dressage hot­spots in the world in their endeavours to build up dressage. Dressage4Good will select a limited number of promising dressage initiatives in emerging countries and support them.

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