{ WDM CDI 3* Qualifier }

WDM introduced the WDM CDI3* Qualifier for a couple of reasons.

  • make it possible that riders that come from an injury have the possibity to qualify for a 5* CDI based on sports criteria
  • give riders in countries where there is a broad top a chance to compete (remember that a host country can only invite 5 riders)
  • give special and very talented combinations a chance to gain excperience in a 5* CDI

The format is quite simple. WDM invites all WDM shows to incorporate a CDI3* in their schedule. The number 1 and 2 of the GP are automatically invited to start in the GP of the 5*. The decision to do so is up to the rider. If they decide not to go forward in the 5* it is the nect in line combination that is invited. Also if the numer 1 and/or 2 are already entered in the 5* the next in line are eligible to start in the WDM CDI 5*.

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